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Psychic Readings - Live

Allow me to connect with your guides to provide you with insights into your current situation and surroundings. Discover the challenges that lie ahead and learn how to navigate both present and future obstacles. Receive tips and strategies on how to heal past wounds that are currently impacting you. Rest assured that all messages are honest, direct, and aimed at providing hope and faith.

Tarot Readings

Obtain valuable insights into your current situation: What might be holding you back? What factors are propelling you towards your goals? Why are you facing heightened challenges at this moment? Discover actionable steps you can take to address these challenges effectively. Gain foresight into what the future holds and identify the actions you can implement to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself. Choose between live readings or the convenience of email readings.


Acquire profound insights into your life purpose, path, karma, and Divine Plan. If you're a parent purchasing Numerology charts for your newborn child, you'll also receive parenting tips tailored to your child's numerology. Whether it's for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a friend with a new baby, this offering is bound to provide meaningful guidance.

Psychic Development and Mentoring

Discover the art of connecting with your guides and spiritual support team. Unlock the power of your intuitive gifts, develop the ability to see auras, and find harmony in balancing chakras. Gain the wisdom to distinguish between illusion, delusion, and reality, empowering yourself with profound insights and understanding.


Master the fundamentals of energy work through our comprehensive training. Embodying the principles cherished by the Reiki Founders, we provide a free Reiki Level 1 Attunement service conducted remotely. Anah provides Healing Energy workshops (delivered online) from time to time, and prices are provided upon application.

**Terms and conditions apply.

Renee R.

"Thank u for the card reading I received, its exactly what happening in my life right now and I now know how to change my way of thinking about my situation at hand I'm going to start today & i know i can enjoy life now . Thank u,"

Christina S.

"Reading was correct. My feelings being validated helped me to cry and release some of the sadness. Thank you."

Happy clients


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