A complete report takes around 3 hours to generate. It's thorough, detailed, and serves as a valuable reference tool. Upon completion, you'll receive a digital copy that you can print and preserve for the future.

This comprehensive report also makes an excellent gift for new parents. To proceed, kindly provide your real first name, along with your date and time of birth.

If you're commonly known by a name different from your birth name, such as a nickname or pet name, please include those details as well. Every letter carries a distinct vibration, and a numerology report can aid you in determining the name you prefer to be recognized by.

Personal Year Reports:

Additionally, I offer Numerology Personal Year reports tailored to your unique circumstances. These reports provide insights for the upcoming twelve months.

Crafting a Personal Year report typically takes about forty minutes, and the service is charged as a half-hour session.


How can this help you?

Let me analyse your numerology and assist you to gain further personal insight as part of your own development and empowerment journey.

About Numerology
Numerology is the belief in the mystical significance of letters and and their influence on human life.
It has been used as a tool of divination as far back as the Bayblonians and Chaldeans.
Pythagorus was aware of the magic of numbers and is believed to have used them to identify personal character traits, strengths and vulnerabilities.
How Anah works:

A full report takes approximately 3 hours. It is comprehensive and includes visuals and diagrams to show you strengths and areas for development. The numerology report includes an astrological profile which provides further insight for those that wish to develop and raise their own personal vibration and awareness. This report is emailed to you. Let Anah know if you would like your digital copy to have textured paper design, or if you would like to print the report yoursel onto textured paper (recommended). Anah suggests that you print the document and put it in a binder. Other suggestions when gifting is to print on textured paper, roll up as a scroll and tie together with a ribbon, for that 'special touch.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the services,

feel free to contact me.