​January 21 - February 19

Aquarius is a lucky sign ruled by Uranus. Aquarius is an air sign, and consequently has a deep understanding of life and people. They are flexible and can change their mind very quicky and have the capacity to be able to think of more than one thing at one time – although this can lead to a fragmentation and feeling drained and fatigued. The Karmic lesson is one that aims to help others to develop their own understanding of life, and that what we do to one of us – we do to all of us. All Aquarians tend to have an interest in the metaphysical aspects of life. . Where the Aquarians have historically been the seekers of esoteric knowledge, they have been reluctant to share it due to lack of social acceptance, however, in more modern times this knowledge is actively sought after by many.

This understanding leads to a focus of the Aquarian on the quality of life and the benefit of all creatures – including animals. Study is important for the Aquarian as it allows them to appreciate the grandeur of life. They can become preoccupied with philosophy and religion, and mathematics -anything that supports the respect of life and living well. The Aquarian values honesty and abhors hypocrisy. They are blessed with a good memory and a natural and inherent strength
Their ruling plant Uranus is associated with unpredictability, and the Aquarian often ikes to shock others into thinking. Aquarius Motto: I KNOW

They have two sides – one that is quiet and shy , and the other who is loud and sociable. They do not feel happy or fulfilled unless they have a level of independence to be free to do as they like or choose. Aquarians are often considered eccentric and forward thinking. Aquarians are said to be the friendliest sign of the zodiac and very humanitarian. The Aquarian sees a world of possibilities even when there is none.

Things to Look out for with Aquarius

You can not tell Aquarius what to do, they are born and bred to go their own way. They can be a little dispassionate in relationships as they are programmed to look at things very objectively. they are usually highly strung and often lose control and say and do things that they later regret. They can be overly reactive toward people they perceive as deceptive or hypocritical. deception and hypocrisy. Aquarians have a highly sensitive nervous system which impacts upon the digestive system and can result in frequent headaches, and feeling drained and exhausted when they become overly emotionally reactive.
Loved ones can support the Aquarian by reminding them that life is full of lessons including hypocrisy, and that Karma provides the ‘right lesson’ at the ‘right time’. Other supports the Aquarian will benefit is the construction of healthy boundaries within relationships to prevent their good nature and humanitarian care from exploitation. The Aquarian needs encouragement to steer clear of judgement and remind themselves to practice compassionate guidance to avoid the accumulation of their own karmic debt. Furthermore, the Aquarian can make an astute Pythagorean Numerologist – which utilises their mental acuity and assists with their understanding of life, and where they will undoubtedly gain great success because of their inherent mathematical skills.

Birthstones and Crystals

The birthstone for Aquarius is Amethyst which offers healing for the inherent headaches and mind clutter as well as other benefits. Vulnerable parts of the body are the circulatory system, shins, and ankles; because of this, cramps, allergies, sudden illness and freak accidents are common. Other beneficial crystals for Aquarius include Angelite (reminding the wearer of their Divine Connection and that problems have a time frame attached to them), and Garnet (garnet assists in problem finding), hematite for grounding and to stablise emotions,
Crystals for Charkas
Base - Ruby
Sacral - Cuprite
Solar Plexus - Amber
Heart - Rhyolite
Throat - Cavanasite
Brow - Shakutite
Crown - Angelite

Lucky Colours

Lucky colours for the Aquarian sign are silver and purple. Blue turquoise, gold, Other beneficial colours include Aquamarine and White (White carries all the colours of the rainbow within it)..


Their highly logical approach can make them appear unemotional. The deep-thinking aspects may lead them to be dogmatic in their views while also being ‘free thinking’. This focussed approach to their view point can lead to a judgemental attitude toward others. As ‘forward thinkers’ they tend to be futuristic and can sometimes forget to learn the lessons of the past.


Aquarians are most compatible with other air signs: Gemini and Libra, and compatible to a lesser extent fire signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

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