​March 21 - April 21

People with a fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are typically fast moving, volatile and passionate people with an abundance of nervous energy. The major lesson is to understand divine love, living with compassion and philanthropic activity by understanding the needs of others and to give loving to support to them. The process of gifting love and support to others helps to curb the impulsive natures of the Fire sign.
As with their symbol – The RAM, Aries are born fighters and ruled by the planet Mars which symbolises war and destruction. The Aries has strong will and resents all criticism, and quick to alert you if they feel that you have been critical towards them. Theyinclined to impulsivity and lack caution and are quick to think and act. When the Aries is focused on a goal – nothing can hold them back, they are eager, dynamic, competitive, and even volatile. they are very rarely lost for words and very capable at defending themselves (and others) verbally. They are potentially extremely good at university and higher education activities. They like to be the best in their field which makes them natural born leaders.
Hence, they the presence of Aires in a social group indicates the start of something energetic and exciting, and a joy to be around because their quick sense of humour, and their busy mind which is always seeking to learn new things. When living constructively – they are very responsible individuals and allow themselves to be guided by their intuition. They enjoy the opinions of others and are interested in hearing their thoughts and ideas. You can assure that there will be laughter associated with your Aries companions.

While the Aries can be volatile, they tend not to carry excess baggage or hold a grudge. You can be assured that if the Aries becomes offended, they will bounce back most times because they have a great zest for life. Their blunt communication style can leave those around them feeling uncomfortable or stifled at times but generally the Aries means no harm. The Aries is insightful and have a knack for seeing things as they are without sugar-coating their view. If you are seeking an honest opinion around something, you can be assured that the Aries will deliver!
Aries rules the first house of the Zodiac which is about the self. Their motto : "I am".

Things to Look out for with Aries

The Aries can become bored quickly and need challenges to retain their interest – and this applies with people. Once the challenge has been surmounted they tend to lose interest . They tend to not keep people around for longer than is needs, and to release any baggage quickly. In most cases, If a person has a romantic interest in Aires it will likely start with lots of sparks and fireworks, and excitement, but which is likely to fizzle out quickly, if there is little challenge for the Aries. They tend to stay when a relationship has smatterings of short, and sharp roadblocks, “if it’s worth having its worth fighting for”. Aspects of the Aries can include childishness with the occasional temper tantrum (which leaves as quickly as it arrives), however, when they are living destructively they can be reckless and headstrong and a potential social liability.​

Lucky Colours

The primary colour association for Aries is RED. Red is the colour associated with Mars (their ruling planet), and is the Aries POWER colour – reflecting, blood, life force and vitality. Red symbolises the Arian character traits of passion, volatility, energy, and activity. Red and white are the primary colours of luck and good fortune for the Aries.. Other colours that can bestow good fortune on the Aries are: Pink, blue and violet. Black is thought to be an unlucky colour for the Aries.

Birthstones and Crystals (Aries)

The birthstone for Aries is Diamond. It has been believed for thousands of years to conduct the energy of Mars. There are those that claim that wearing the Diamond helps with many physical healing properties including brain diseases, protection for the kidneys, the reproductive system and drawing toxins from the body!

Chakras and Crystals for Aries
When meditating for Chakric balance, or to ‘heal a chakra’ the following Crystals are said to be best suited for each chakra for the Aries:
Base - Apache Tear
Sacral - Carnelian
Solar Plexus - Yellow Calcite
Heart - Ruby
Throat - Blue Kyanite
Brow - Blue Jade
Crown - Herkimer Diamond


Physical vulnerabilities for the Aries include to the head and face. Many Aries are born with a birth mark on their head or face, symbolising the celestial association of Aries with Mars, and the warrior aspects. They may suffer from Headaches, black yes and nose bleeds, and insect bites are all common for the Aries


As a fire sign Aries are most suites with the other fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, because of shared energy and passion. However, they are to a lesser extent compatible with the Air signs of Leo, Gemini and Aquarius – be mindful that Air feeds the flames and can ignite into an inferno!

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