​June 22 - July 23

Cancer is the sign of the more peaceful people – most of the time. They are ruled by the feminine qualities of the Moon and are kind, caring, and loving and can be very protective. When living positively they have a natural restful composure, generally quiet and whose presence brings comfort to others. They are deeply intuitive and sentimental; Cancerians are naturally in tune with the rhythms of their own nature, and the nature of the universe. They can be complex in nature, sometimes appearing extremely strong, and other times as vulnerable as a child. They are gifted with a vivid imagination and often make good writers, composers, and artists. The Cancerian is deeply intuitive and aware of their own emotions. Consequently, they can be very guarded with others, in fear of getting hurt. However, they are literally like a hard boiled sweet with a softy centre and once you are in the centre you will undoubtedly feel safe and secure in Cancer's everlasting love.
People born under the sign of Cancer are persistent, cautious, and prudent with a deeply sensitive and tender nature. They set out to accomplish things and with their strong will they have no trouble finding a way to achieve their goals. They usually carry care and are responsible for their actions in the awareness that there will be consequences for the future. Their persistence can often be perceived as a cultivated hardness which has been constructed to protect their feelings and sensitivities.
Cancerians have a love their home which they perceive as their castle, and they are concerned for all those that live within it.

They often have large families because of their love of children, and do not generally suffer from reproductive disorders. Their view of their home leads them to become collectors of ‘fine things’ without any other specific purpose, other than beauty or sentimental value. Often due to their caring nature and concern for human welfare they are drawn to the health-related fields for work. When living constructively the Cancerian is often found working in the ‘energy fields’ as Healers, or Psychic-Mediums
Cancer is ruled by the fourth house which is all about our homes and our Cancers Motto is "I feel"

Things to Look out for with Cancer

As with all Water Signs the Cancer must guard against emotional dysregulation, as this can impact quite destructively on their lives. The Cancerian is acutely sensitive, and this is a necessity for their spiritual growth. However, this can lead them to being overly sensitive and reactive to others, where they are easily hurt and become ‘victims’ of their own emotions. The sensitivity can manifest as nervous outbursts and moodiness which drains and depletes their own energy resources. Self-Mastery of emotions is vital for the Cancerian – and to not react emotionally when they perceive others are thoughtless towards them. They are more inclined to worry and fret about their domestic life, on the home front, and worry about their children when away from home. Other areas of concern for them is the focus and fear of danger to their financial security (the habitat). Until they learn to curb their anxiety, they run a real risk of mental instability. Within relationships the Cancerian can be possessive, and when their equilibrium is disrupted – as with the crab (their zodiac sign) they can be snappy and nip you with their claws when you lease expect it. Family members of the Cancerian will know to expect the Silent treatment. Cancer shies from confrontation, and instead will withdraw into themselves. Rather than a direct communication they will tell you with their body language that they have taken offence – there will be closing of doors loudly, denials of being upset, pursed lips, huffing and puffing with “I’m not upset – nothing is wrong!”. By this stage those around them will be well aware, that they have committed a ‘crime’ of some sort and may never be informed of what the crime was. The Cancer in love will ‘build the bridge’ and ‘push it under the carpet’ and carry on as usual once they have regained their emotional equilibrium. When living destructively while the Cancerian is highly sensitive to their own feelings and emotional state, they are often immune to the sensitivities and needs of others, which can make them appear quite self centred, and even emotionally manipulative. The people who live and love the Cancerian can assist them to process their emotions, regulate them , communicate and negotiate amicable outcomes. The negotiations should not be too direct however, and diplomacy and care is required to ensure that the conversations don’t lead to further offence for the highly sensitive cancer which might cause a further withdrawal, and when this happens the withdrawal may be permanent as the Cancer can and often holds a grudge against a person who they perceive to have injured their ‘sensitive inners’.​

Lucky Colours

Cancer's lucky colours are pale yellow, white and silver.

Birthstones and Crystals (Cancer)

The birthstone for Cancer is the Ruby, aptly named the king of gems due to it's rarity. It is said to bring vitality, integrity, and success to the sign. It is also said to conduct the energies of Mercury, a planet sympathetic to Cancer! It has often been associated with healing qualities for infection and blood, two reported ailments with this birth sign.
Crystals for Chakras:
Base - Pink Aventurine
Sacral - Moonstone
Solar Plexus - Carnelian
Heart - Pink Calcite
Throat - Blue Calcite
Brow - Rainbow Moonstone
Crown – Astrophyllite


Vulnerable parts of the body are the breasts, stomach and blood; because of this stomach aches and food allergies are common.


Cancerians are most compatible with water signs: Scorpio and Pisces and compatible but to a lesser extent earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who can be settling for the Cancer (and on occasions – draining for them). They are not particularly compatible to the fire signs which ‘sets their blood boiling’ and the air signs tend to ‘create an emotional storm’.

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