​May 21 - June 22

Those people born under an Air Sign, (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), are flexible people with a deep understanding of life and people, and because they can change their mind very quickly. They have great mental versatility as they can think of more than one thing at one time, however this can lead to fragmentation (and not thinking holistically about situations)., and this can result in feeling drained and fatigued. The Karmic lesson of brother hood teaches them to help others and to develop a deep philosophy of life. Brother hood /Sisterhood is the connection between all humanity, and where we understand that what we do to one and each of us – we do to all of us.

The Gemini is symbolised by the Twins, and this identifies the two different characters of the Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the plant Mercury which is associated with travel and commerce. One twin represents the inner individual, while the other twin represents how they relate to the outside world. The Gemini is extremely sensitive and can change their mind without warning. They have a fast-moving brain, which can give a ‘fluidity’ to their nature. This allows for a reliable sense of discrimination and discernment and the gift of communication. They can determine sense from non-sense, truth from fabrication and reality vs delusion. The affiliation with Mercury lends the Gemini to be great communicators and writers. They tend to express their ideas more easily in the written form as opposed to verbal communication.

They are ‘collectors of information’ and it is their duty to gather information and disseminate it. The Gemini can become quickly frustrated if they receive too much information at once as it can be hard for them to digest. They need to take space so that they can filter and process the information and channel it in the right direction. This makes them perfectly suited to careers in sales or journalism.

Gemini is like the butterfly- they find it hard to settle and stay in one place and need constant stimulus. They are incredibly mutable, and it is almost impossible to pin them down. They tend to shift from their ‘higher self’ to the ‘lower self’ both spiritually and emotionally quickly. As they can become confused with a surplus of information this can impact on decision making abilities, and emotional regulation until they have ‘digested’ the content. Artistic pursuits assist with managing stress levels, as well as rest and relaxation to that their activities are balanced. This will in turn assist to sooth nervousness and anxiety. They are impatient and restless but love to live life on the edge and look forward to surprises!

Gemini is ruled by the third house which connects to our siblings and education. Gemini's motto is "I think"

Things to Look out for with Gemini

The Gemini needs constant mental stimulation, because the alternative is that they will become bored quickly. Too much stimulation – can lead to confusion, indecisiveness and emotional reactiveness such as anxiety and health issues. Within relationships- the Gemini needs to have someone with capacity to stimulate their mind, and they often have difficulty in committing to a relationship. Some Geminis have a fascination with the wild side of life, and can become reckless learning harsh life experiences before learning to ‘balance’, and they might find that the calm life is one that can be boring for them. This is usually more prevalent with the younger Gemini. Other times they Gemini, despite their gifted communication can become anxious and indecisive and uncertain about how they should react to situations.​

Lucky Colours

Gemini colours are associated with nature but primarily the yellow of the sun in the varying shades reflecting their sunny disposition. Other colours include bright green – reflecting nature. Caution with the use of green to steer clear of the murkier and darker shades, which may drag their mood down.

Birthstones and Crystals (Gemini)

The Gemini birthstone is the Agate, a stone with many different colours and forms! It is said that Agate protects against fever and is a very powerful talisman for any Gemini.
Crystals for Chakras:
Base - Dalmation Jasper
Sacral - Rutilated Quartz
Solar Plexus - Citrine
Heart - Serpentine
Throat - Aquamarine
Brow - Blue Sapphire
Crown – Apophyllite


Vulnerable parts of the body are the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system as a result respiratory problems and nervous conditions are common


Geminis are most compatible with other air signs: Aquarius and Libra, and compatible but to a lesser extent with fire signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

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