​July 23 - August 24

The Leo is typically fast moving, volatile and passionate with an abundance of nervous energy. The major lesson is to understand divine love, living with compassion and philanthropic activity by understanding the needs of others and to give loving to support to those people to meet their needs. In the process Fire signs will be less impulsive and more methodical and ordered during their activities and affairs.
The Leo is a natural leader and alert to their surroundings. They are often perceived as aggressive, because they have confidence in their abilities and are unhappy working under authority, and are results driven. They are affectionate with enormous energy reserves which can give the appearance of fearlessness and driving ambition. As with the cat – (a smaller version of the lion), they have two very different personas – which is either constructive or destructive. The younger Leo rarely knows their own power and part of the journey is to learn and understand their power and how to use it wisely.

The element of Fire in their sign influences them with enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, and energy. They are very affectionate, and generally happy, lucky, generous and kind-hearted. They struggle to understand or believe ill of people, which can result in breaches of trust. The Leo is incredibly loyal to their friends and loved ones and can struggle to bounce back from a perceived betrayal. They might forgive but they don’t forget. This does not mean they hold a grudge (they rarely do!).

It means that they will remember the pain of the slight to their ego, even if they don’t speak about it, and this helps them to build compassion to others – and their kinder aspects. The Leo generally has a great sense of humour that can bring delight to a person even on the bleakest of days – even if they are being outrageous because of their love of drama! Their warm self-expression is like sun rays to the heart. The lion is a pack animal, and the Leo often needs their pack around them. They tend to be family oriented and incredibly hard working when motivated. They are protective of their loved ones, and if you have won the love of a Leo they will defend you to the death! Cross a Leo on a bad day and you will experience raging fire. Fortunately, as they mature the flames tend to be less volatile!
Their persona is often outgoing and self-assured, and they can be almost irresistibly charming. As with all cats (and the Leo is a big cat), they have a lazy streak, and will often seek the easy way out of a situation when it offers little fun or reward to them. Equally – they can be sporadic in their energies, working hard and progressively in bursts, and then being idle for bursts. The Leo must learn to balance their energies through the practice of meditation or mindfulness or they risk putting too much pressure on their heart and nerves.
The enlightened Leo discovers the secrets of self-control and can exercise their extremely powerful will for the common good and to express themselves creatively as ‘enlightened examples of divine power in human action’. They have a natural sympathy for those that are less fortunate than them. The mature Leo has learned to create space for rest and relaxation in their daily routine, as well as developed the wisdom of avoiding arguments and disruptive emotional situations and sordid romances which often leave them drained emotionally and psychologically.
Leo is ruled by the fifth house which connects to creativity and relationships. Leo’s motto is "I Will"

Things to Look out for with Leo

The Leo can be stubborn and will not back down in an argument. During a relationship breakdown it may be more hurtful tot heir pride than their emotional state. They are very sensitive and take themselves seriously and hate to be hated and seek adoration. The immature Leo can be childlike and attention seeking. The majority are emotional, reactive, desire motivated people with a reputation for instability and volatility. Consequently, they can suffer from heart and nervous conditions. The immature Leo can also be boastful, and vain, as part of seeking centre stage. Their acute sensitivities and exploitation of their generous and kind traits by thoughtless individuals can leave the Leo feeling extremely betrayed and even bitter. They are ruled by the Sun, and if the Sun in their life goes down – they take sulking to new levels. Their loved ones can support the Leo to learn emotional mastery and manage impulsivity.​

Lucky Colours

Leo's lucky colours are red, gold and blue. The colour Gold is the Power colour, and orange is their colour of creativity. They are also associated with the Royal Blue and the Deep Purple colours of Nobility.

Birthstones and Crystals (Leo)

Leo's birthstone is Peridot, and is thought to channel the energies of the Sun.
​Other Crystals for Leo include Pyrite (for strength and the solar plexus); Larimar to heal emotions and release them which act as barriers to accessing Divine Wisdom, and assists with effective gentle communication and sunstone to support mental and psychological acuity and resilience, while at the same time supporting the Leo to more gentle leadership qualities.
Crystals for Charkras
Base - Mahogany Jasper
Sacral - Petrified Wood
Solar Plexus - Amber Calcite
Heart - Kunzite
Throat - Larimar
Brow - Petersite
Crown - Optical Calcite


Vulnerable parts of the body are the back and the heart; as a result of this overexertion, heart mummers and various types of back pains are common complaints for the sign.


Leo's are most compatible with other fire signs: Sagittarius and Aries and compatible to a lesser extent, air signs: Gemini and Libra and Aquarius.

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