February 20 - March 20

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, so they have dual aspects of fire and water. Their symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions which reflects this duality and their internal opposing forces They are very intuitive, empathic and emotional. . They are known to be adaptable and flexible with sympathetic traits. They are usually driven by empathy and their emotions and have a hypersensitive nature. They are humble and do not see themselves as special or unique and believe that all hold the same gifts as they do. They are dedicated to humanity and tend to overlook the less worthy motives of people with fewer scruples.
Pisces are adventurous, impulsive, enthusiastic, ambitious and full of energy. They are pioneers in thought and action, very open to new ideas and lovers of freedom. People born under the sign are naturally understand, they easily acquire knowledge and are devoted to their friends or to any cause they take up. Their loving and sympathetic nature makes them perfect for the healing modalities, regardless of whether the ailment is physical, psychological, or spiritual –
They must learn to sharpen their powers of assessment to discriminate between those that need their help and others that simply want it because it is easier than helping themselves. Pisces are easy to talk to and find themselves being sought for their advice or thoughts. This capacity provides a solid basis for their talents in the helping professions and their abilities to provide healing to others. the Piscean will automatically understand the nature of the problem and be able to help where it is needed.

The birth influences include deep introspection and reflection as part of learning from the past, healing regret and self-forgiveness ,and embrace change.. They are very responsive to the environmental influences and should not knowingly expose themselves to hostile conditions. They are loyal, trustworthy and generous and their generosity is easily imposed upon. Pisceans need to learn that not everyone is as trustworthy as they are.
Pisces are extremely idealistic and when feeling optimistic they only see the good in the world. Pisces are the big dreamers of the zodiac ruled by Neptune. It is very rare to come across a Piscean that isn't artistic. They are feeling people and will often use their artistry to communicate their watery emotions and feelings. This is because they are extremely receptive to the feelings of those around them and they absorb just about everything like a sponge. The Piscean dreaming reflects the dualistic nature of their sign – they can be completely immersed in fantasies and daydreams in one minute, and quickly snap back to a grounded reality in the next.
While the Pisces gives the appearance of sociability – they prefer to be in small groups. While they are active listeners to others – they will only share their own emotions and feelings with a very small and select group because they believe no one else will understand them. The Pisces can be quite insular and enjoy time alone thinking or letting their imagination loose. They tend to enjoy outdoor activities especially if they are water related, whether they are alone or in a group of family, friends, and significant others.
The duality of Pisces includes within relationships – they love their time out, but they have a deep connection to their family and friends and are extremely loyal to them. Piscean’s love being in a committed relationship, and they make a very loyal romantic partner. Once they have committed, they offer everything to their partners whole heartedly and selflessly with little expectation in return.
Pisces rules the twelfth house of privacy and spirituality. Pisces Motto is "I believe"

Things to Look out for with Pisces

The Pisces is so hypersensitive that when people invariably let them down, they can become extremely emotionally reactive. The Pisces can also be temperamental and easy to provoke. Reactions can be volatile, and this can overwhelm those around them – especially if the reaction relates to a necessary change. The enormity of the reaction can be draining for the Piscean and they may fall into depression and become bitter and fixated on problems, compromise their good judgement and unable to see solutions, which compounds problems. Alternatively, if they are living quite destructively they might lose themselves into a world of fantasy and escapism, rather than addressing their problems. This escapism is often associated with overindulging (often alcohol) as a means to ‘quiet their brains’ and numb their emotions. Romantic partners should be aware that the Pisces can seem a little ‘wishy washy’ at times, or feel mislead because the Piscean can become lost within their own emotions. Be aware that if you break the Piscean heart, and they feel betrayed they will lose sense of reality and seek pleasure elsewhere.​

Lucky Colours

Greens and Teals are considered the Power colours for the Pisces, however, yellow and orange are said to bring success to the Piscean. Other lucky colours include any of the greens and purple​

Birthstones and Crystals (Pisces)

The birthstone for a Piscean is the Aquamarine and is said to draw upon energies from Neptune, the ruling planet for people born under the sign. Aquamarine is said to help with stress and problems with the throat. Other crystals for Pisces include Blue Lace Agate to assist with the Divine connection and balanced spiritual understanding, Fluorite for mental clarity, Amethyst to support an expansive vision and Citrine to assist with building trust and faith, and their capacity to manifest dreams into reality.
Crystals for ChakrasBase - Red Coral
Sacral - Bloodstone
Solar Plexus - Mexican Fire Opal
Heart - Aquamarine
Throat - Blue Lace Agate
Brow - Blue Kyanite
Crown - Purple Fluorite


Vulnerable parts of the body are the feet and lymphatic system; because of this swelling of the lymph glands and sore feet are common complaints.​


Pisceans are most compatible with other water signs: Scorpio and Cancer and compatible to a lesser extent earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

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