​April 20 - May 21

Taureans to some extent tend to be steady, reliable and predictable friends. Their primary Karmic lesson is one of service to others, which is how they raise their consciousness and develop understanding of the spiritual world. However, they are an Earth sign, and usually with Earth signs the focus in the younger years is the pursuit of material fulfilment of the base needs and having fun.
The base needs and material concerns are largely because of the earthy and practical influences of Taurus. They can seem resistant to change, but they have great patience and dedication to their goals. Most Taureans have a keen-witted business mind, and are often known to be genius in the way they juggle finances – so many will enter careers such as accountancy. The Taurean can be a brilliant Magician manifesting their desired outcomes and abundance in their lives.
The Taurean can be highly empathic and tune into other people’s feelings without even realising that they are ‘reading between the lines’. When it comes to love – they are generous to almost a fault and will make sacrifices for their loved ones. They carry a true love of harmony and a Divine sense of spirituality. They love all that is fine and beautiful, especially if it is natural. The home is important to the Taurean and they adore their creature comforts. The responsiveness of the Taurean to harmony, rhythm and colour make them suited to careers in arts and music. They are strong yet sensual.

They revel in the home and making it look beautiful, and spending time outdoors in gardening, walking or even building things, which is how they ‘replenish their soul’.
Their ruling house in the zodiac is the second house which connects with our values and money
Suitable Motto for the Taurus “Less Talk, More Walk” and “I have”.

Things to Look out for with Taurus

All is not what it appears with the Taurean- under the surface they are very serious and committed to what it is that they value, even if they portray an aloof or irresponsible exterior. They can also be surprisingly possessive and jealous. The younger Taurean can be impulsive or reckless, which is something they must learn to curb as they mature – to think before acting as part of preventing reactive outbursts. They can also be stubborn and pigheaded toward people that are different to them. The tendencies of overreactive emotional outbursts lends itself to an inability to hear the voice of reason and logic, so the reactions of the Taurus can be irrational. In these instances, those around them -can support them to process their emotions which is part of the maturing of the Taurus. Once they have learned to control their emotional reactive outbursts, they can pursue the harmony they so desire!​​

Lucky Colours

Taurus colours are brown and turquoise, and their birthstone is the emerald, believed to influence both positive and negative traits of the sign, but it is particularly associated in a positive way with loyalty and faithfulness. Taureans have a lust for the finer things in life and have been known to overindulge!

Birthstones and Crystals (Pisces)

The Birthstone and Crystals for Taureans are Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite as well as the Emerald. You could also use Pink Kunzite or blue kyanite. These crystals help with the heart chakra to remain open to the forgiveness of others, and to "soften harsh edges" or "bullishness” and invite greater compassion for self and others.
Crystals for Chakras:
Base - Bronzite
Sacral - Orange Aventurine
Solar Plexus - Rhodonite
Heart - Rose Quartz
Throat - Chrysoprase
Brow - Chryscolla
Crown – Selenite


Vulnerable parts of the body are the neck, throat, shoulders, and torso; because of this, stiff necks, sore throats, and earaches are common ailments. Kindness for the Taurean can be a vulnerability because they are so excessively kind, they are easily taken advantage of by those people with dubious intention, In these instances the Taurean often reacts excessively, interfering with their capacity to be logical and rational in their actions. The Taurean must learn to guard themselves and discern who and when it is appropriate to give their love and kindness to.​


Taureans are most compatible with other earth signs: Virgo and Capricorn and compatible but to a lesser extent with the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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