​August 24 - September 23

As an earth sign the Virgo tends to be steady and predictable and a reliable friend. They are observant and have a keen intellect, and tend to be methodical, achieving success in their lives.
The Karmic lesson of the Virgo is that of service to others as this is how they raise their own consciousness and understanding of the Spiritual world. It is rare that the Earth sign will develop these qualities until the later stages of their lives as during their earlier years they tend to focus on the pursuit of material and base needs, and fun.
The Virgo is symbolised by the Virgo (Virgin) representing purity, perfection, and impeccability. As with the virgin they can appear to be reserved and at times shy. These qualities also relate to the body and the nature of the Virgo is usually a perfectionist with all consuming concern around health matters. They often experience health issues to do with the elimination of toxins from their bodies. They can be very analytical, with the capacity to process information quickly. They demand detail and accuracy and strive for these qualities. They are observant and have a keen intellect, and tend to be methodical, achieving success in their lives.
They make firm friends and seek to help others to improve their lives. The Virgo has an eye for detail and are perfectionists. Many Virgos (particularly females) find themselves in the caring professions because they excel at caring for themselves and others as professional. However they can be quite idealistic, which can lead to them being perceived as critical or judgemental.

They are more critical of themselves than others because they understand that perfection is initiated internally.
As Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury they can be great communicators but their communication is often connected with fiancé and business reflecting the earth aspects of their sign. Often, they are found self-employed or in a role where they have independence.
Virgo is ruled by the 6th house which is connected to work and health. The Virgo's motto is "I analyze"

Things to Look out for with Virgo

The Virgo can find it hard to express their feelings and are sometimes to practical to discuss them. They are excellent critiques and always tell the truth whether you like it or not. They can become overanxious about their own health and become morbid and depressed with tendencies to hypochondria. They perform best in a role where they are encouraged and appreciated and may decline managerial roles due to lack of confidence. Their innate need for perfection can become obsessive leading to increased frustration and health impacts. The younger Virgo may struggle to discern between love and sexual desire and use sex as a means of gratification. Those people focussed on sexual gratification may find themselves experiencing more health issues with their sexual and elimination organs. if idealism gets out of hand there is a tendency to accomplish little. Their loved ones can support them to balance their energies and to tap into their inherent healing abilities, because the mature Virgo is adept at channelling healing energy.​

Lucky Colours

Virgo has three power colours: Green, Blue and White. Green is the primary lucky colour but many colours offer good luck to the Virgo including orange, yellow, blue and gray.​

Birthstones and Crystals

The birth stone for Virgo is the Blue Sapphire – symbolising innocence, sincerity and truth. Other crystals for the Virgo include Amazonite, which soothes and calms the nervous energy of the Virgo, Moss Agate to balance and haromonise the emotional energies, Snowflake Obsidian to assist with unconditional self acceptance, and Chrysocolla for patience. Wearing Sapphire is said to draw upon energies from Mercury, to which the sign is sympathetic. It is also said that Sapphire helps towards lowering fever and inflammation.
Crystals for Chakras
Base – Black Onyx
Sacral – Snowflake Obsidian
Solar Plexus – Mookite jasper
Heart - Peridot
Throat – Blue Topaz
Brow – Charoite
Crown – Spirit Quartz


Vulnerable parts of the body are the bowels, sinuses, and respiratory system; because of this constipation, colds, flu and general allergies are the most common Virgo complaints.​


Virgo's are most compatible with other earth signs: Taurus and Capricorn, and compatible to a lesser extent with water signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

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