Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Clairs?

Clairvoyance – (Vision) the ability to see things that are not visible to the naked eye such as spirits, celestial beings, and a persons aura. This ability is usually related to symbolism and often requires interpretation. Other forms of Clairvoyance includes ‘remote viewing’ which is the ability to see situations from afar. For example, in one vision I was shown a foreign country and a castle, which was ‘validation’ for my client, who had grown up in the area and where the castle (which I was able to describe) was one that they visited regularly as a child. This vision confirmed for them that the spirit was interacting with was their deceased grandmother.

Clairaudience (Hearing), this is the ability to hear a voice, sounds or songs and music that has meaning to the person receiving the message. This is another way that a Psychic can validate their messages that come through in spirit.

Clairsentience (Feelings) is often confused with Clair empathy. While both refer to feelings, clairsentience refers to the physical aspect of feelings. For example, the psychic feels tingling, or physical sensations as part of validating a connection to a person.

Clairempathy – (Emotions) The psychic will understand the nature of a message because they experience the feelings of their client at a core level. For instance, the Psychic may find themselves feeling emotions of grief ,s orrow and sadness prior to a sitting with a client, and upon commencement learn that the Client booked because they have recently had a death in the family and are seeking to connect.

Claircognizance (Knowing) – this is where the Psychic has a feeling and without explanation knows categorically that the message is true and correct even though information has not been provided to them.

Clairgustance (Taste) – Taste can be relevant for delivering messages from spirit as part of validating their presence, so that the seeker can have confirmation in their own mind of which spirit is communicating with them.

Clairsalience (Smell) -For the psychic smells can also be another form of validation for the seeker. This is particularly helpful in situations where a loved one who has passed over was a heavy smoker while living, for example, a psychic can offer validation by saying ‘I smell pipe smoke” .

What is a Third Party Reading?

A third-party reading is where the seeker asks the Psychic to tell them what another person is thinking or feeling about them. This involves probing a persons aura without their permission and from a karmic perspective, is intrusive (much like entering a persons house when they aren’t home and looking through their personal items). It is also not necessary as part of a reading, and the real question is ‘how will I manage the relationship tensions with this person’. There are exceptions to this rule, where there are concerns about a minor (child or someone who is intellectually impaired or experiences thought distortion), and WHEN GUIDED.

What is Energy Healing?

In essence, every living being and object emits energy in the form of electromagnetic vibrations. The rate of vibration, often called "speed" or "light," determines how visible or transparent something is. For instance, a rock has a slower, denser vibration, while a sponge's faster vibration allows some light to pass through.

Humans and animals possess multi-dimensional bodies. The physical body is slow-moving and dense, but there are faster-moving layers that aren't visible to the naked eye, referred to as auras. These auras include emotional, mental, and etheric layers. Imbalances in these layers can affect physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Energy healing involves directing healing energy or "light" into a person's aura to achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit for optimal health. Anyone can tap into this energy, but energy practitioners or teachers have honed their skills in using healing energy. Energy healing is a complementary practice, not a substitute for medical treatment, and can be used alongside conventional healthcare. Just as there are various medical specialties, energy healing has different modalities and areas of expertise.

How Reliable are Predictions?

Predictions are never 100% reliable because no man is alone - unless he lives on an island in a tent with no neighbours. The people around us all directly or indirectly influence us, and we all have free will. When people present for reading and predictions, they are in a 'specific mind space'. They may change their mind when they leave the reading, in which case predictions may become redundant. For instance, a person may attend for information on a Career and be told a promotion is showing in the cards (work-related), and the person is grateful because this is what they want. They may then go home and reassess and realise that the biological clock is ticking, and decide that their priority is actually to have a child and then look for career promotion and direct their energy toward the conception of a child. That said, I like and enjoy hearing that my predictions have come to fruition. I use a deck attuned to timing dates, so I can often pinpoint the outcomes' dates. Feedback has historically been positive, pre-COVID times. COVID was one situation that impacted everything as far as predictions go. However, I do recall giving a prediction to a person seeking a job in another country and telling her before COVID that I saw her getting the job. Still, there were delays, and I could not establish what the delays were about. I predicted it would be about twelve months past the desired time frame. With Covid it took about two years. The prediction was correct within this context, but the outcome timing was not. Everything is variable. Have a reading and enjoy it and adopt a 'wait and see' approach. I discourage living based on predictions because it might cause harm if we ignore the cues and opportunities that present our day-to-day living. Readings intended to support our decisions and not make our decisions for us. That would be outside of spiritual law and violate free will. Readings also highlight considerations that a person may not have thought of outside of themselves or within.

Do you give 'bad omen' readings?

I will always give honest direct messages - I am very grounded and practical in my approach. Life is not challenge free, and sometimes people are addressing more than one challenge at a time. I do not give alarming or frightening messages. It is my belief that if a person experiences fear from a reading - then the message has not been communicated properly, and we seek clarification. When conflicts present - I provide strategy and technique to retain inner balance in the face of adversity. We all have free will - and the only thing we can ever possibly control is our own reactions to triggers and situations. I am also a believer that Spirit provides information about 'potential bad news' because it can be averted with a change in behaviour or attitude, or because the Seeker is being guided to draw upon energy - even if that energy is for protection and safety. A prime example of this occurred many years ago, when a friend delivered a message to me telling me that her guides were showing a car accident - where I was the driver at fault and that it would be serious. We were confused because we knew that our guides didn't do 'scary stuff', but after spending a lot of time navigating "should i put new brakes on, do I need new tires', we gave up and just put the car in a 'bubble of protective sapphire blue' and invoked on the guides and angels for protection. the accident turned out to be a very near miss the following day, when I was distracted and narrowly missed another vehicle. I braked last minute (as did they) and as we were both travelling at speed, we skidded toward each other with my car stopping about six inches from impacting the side of their car (my car fully lined up on their side). So if I believe that there is an omen or something 'amiss' I will definitely share, but I will provide strategy (such as the protective technique) on how to manage risk energetically.

Do you offer refunds or Warranty?

Quite simply - NO!. I charge for my time and readings really aren't something that can be guaranteed (especially predictions). Rule of thumb is that I do not provide refunds, however I have discretion around this and if I feel a partial or full refund as a good will gesture is appropriate than I would do so. at the same time the nature of the industry is one that the Seeker is advised to approach the service delivery as 'Entertainment' and as with all entertainment, if we went to a concert or a movie and didn't like what was provided a refund would not be paid. I would offer a refund if i believed that i gave a flawed service.

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