Psychic Development and Mentoring

In this era marked by the rise of AI and the prevalence of misinformation across social media platforms, the need to cultivate your intuitive abilities and distinguish truth from falsehood has never been more crucial.

With a track record spanning over two decades, I have been dedicated to imparting developmental strategies and mentoring aspiring students.

Whether you're seeking to unlock your inherent gifts or elevate them further, I invite you to reach out through the contact form.

**Conditions are in place and will be addressed during the application process.


How can this help you?

Let me help you to be able to develop your gifts in safe and healthy ways so that you can reliably discern fact from fiction, through the purity of your aura, your intention and a solid connection to your 'Divine Support Team".

About Psychic Development and Mentoring

Psychic development is often the primary aim of the seeker "I want to see and hear spirit". They don't realise that this is not a healthy aim in and of itself. Our intuitive gifts are more reliable when they open up in a natural order, unforced. A better option is to start by focussing and working on the auric body and chakra balance, and as the person 'raises' their personal vibration the brow chakra will open at the divine time (and the Kundalini Chakra), and make for a more reliable conduit of energy. Anyone can see a spirit - but can they tell the difference between spiirtual gossip - and divine guidance? Is the 'medium' discerning with who they let in and out of their own auras?

How Anah works:

Seekers wishing to develop their gifts are encouraged to book an hour long consultation with Anah.

Anah will follow her guidance and this may include an auric scan, as well as connecting with Spirit to learn strengths, vulnerabilities and areas for development or barriers the seeker is experiencing.

This session is conversational, but may include guided visualisation. Services are provided one to one, however, dependent on requests Anah may hold workshops.

Seekers will receive strategy and tips for overcoming obstacles.

Anah likes to redirect people to free information to help them develop their gifts and will provide exercises and activities for the seeker to do as part of their commitment to developing their intuition and abilities.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the services,

feel free to contact me.