Numerology is the study of numbers and goes back to Babylonian times. Not much is known about the history of Numerology beyond the fact that Pythagoras was a proponent of the magic of numbers and that archaeological evidence more recently supports that he was not the creator of the 'Pythagorean triangle' and that rather he learned about it from the Chaldeans (a more recent civilisation than the Babylonians). Numerologists explain that numbers are considered sacred and carry an energetic vibration that requires interpretation.

Furthermore, it is possible to gain insight into the personality, behaviours, ideals, values and difficulty/ease of the life path by analysing the person's birthdate with their time of birth.

Anah has studied Numerology for the last twenty years. You can learn more about the value of receiving a numerology chart by viewing Anah's free-to-access tutorial. Numerology charts are comprehensive, time-consuming, and one of Anah's services.

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