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Astrology and Sunsigns

Astrology provides unique insights into an individual's life path, combining both shared attributes and personal uniqueness. Astrology and Numerology offer personalized insights into life's challenges and blessings, with the importance of the 'ruling' sign varying between Sunsign and Moonsign, without one being superior.

Self Healing

This is a journey of self-discovery and well-being. Here, you'll explore a diverse array of methods for harnessing healing energy to address life's challenges. Dive into the significance of emotional presence and the use of Divine Energy to find inner peace. Uncover how readings can shed light on life's obstacles. Embrace self-care as a priority, including physical health, knowledge expansion, and self-awareness. This space offers a reference point for healing techniques that complement medical treatment, while also encouraging you to seek support from divine sources or an evolving list of healing methods.

Meditation & Creative Visualisations

While both meditation and Creative visualisations have similarities, they are not the same; they rely on the ‘Sacred Breath’ and breath regulation to get into a ‘relaxed state’ but differ based on the ‘intention and purpose of the activity’. Mindfulness is more like meditation except that it is the process of meditating in a conscious state with a focus on ‘being in the moment’ and paying attention to the actions, the body, and any feelings that arise. Creative visualisations are healing activities, usually combined for a ‘higher spiritual purpose’ such as deep internal healing, getting to know yourself and any limitations or biases, and expanding the capacity to give and receive love. You can learn more about the differences and access meditations and strategies (including information on breathing strategy) with Anah’s free-to-access resources.


Affirmations are divine statements of intent of what it is that we wish to manifest and create in our lives. Psychologists believe that affirmations help to rebuild feelings and views of self-worth and self-esteem. Spiritual practitioners believe that affirmations are a realignment with 'Divine Will’, and that the Creator God wills to see us succeed in living peacefully, joyously, loving, loved and loveable.

Faith-based practitioners state that Affirmations carry a vibration empowered through the 'spoken word' and purity of intention. Additionally, the power of an affirmation is governed by 'spiritual law'. People seeking to manifest and create a desired outcome can learn more by visiting Anah's tutorials and videos. You can also book a one-to-one session with Anah for a more personalised approach.

Chakras and Auras

The concept of auras and chakras goes back to 1500 to 500 BC in the oldest known text - the Vedas. The Vedas are considered by practitioners of Hinduism and Tantra to be the sacred text 'faith-based' because there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the beliefs. However, practitioners and energy workers believe that all life (including the human body and spirit) consists of light-matter in constant motion and is invisible to the naked eye.

The light matter is called 'energy'. The chakras are described as spinning wheels of energy and have a specific function within the aura that governs the mind/body and spirit. A person can experience adverse health implications when the aura or chakras become imbalanced. You can learn more about Chakras and Auras by visiting Anah's free-to-access tutorials.

Boundaries and Protection

Boundaries are essential for good health and well-being. They are relevant to all our relationships and associations, including work, family and loved ones. They are crucial for people who work in human services (albeit psychological/spiritual or other). Good boundaries mean being aware of personal limitations and biases and require ongoing maintenance to maintain good emotional health and healthy relationships.

Energy workers and highly compassionate and empathetic people generally find creating and maintaining boundaries difficult. However, whether a person believes in ‘energetic’ or ‘spiritual boundaries’, they will benefit from the exercises provided. You can learn more about why and how you will benefit from practising good boundaries and protecting them from using Anah’s free-to-access tutorials.

Numerology History

Numerology is the study of numbers and goes back to Babylonian times. Not much is known about the history of Numerology beyond the fact that Pythagoras was a proponent of the magic of numbers and that archaeological evidence more recently supports that he was not the creator of the 'Pythagorean triangle' and that rather he learned about it from the Chaldeans (a more recent civilisation than the Babylonians). Numerologists explain that numbers are considered sacred and carry an energetic vibration that requires interpretation. Furthermore, it is possible to gain insight into the personality, behaviours, ideals, values and difficulty/ease of the life path by analysing the person's birthdate with their time of birth. Anah has studied Numerology for the last twenty years. You can learn more about the value of receiving a numerology chart by viewing Anah's free-to-access tutorial. Numerology charts are comprehensive, time-consuming, and one of Anah's services.


Crystal healing practitioners such as Anah believe that crystals hold energy within them that has a specific purpose related to the chemical structure of the crystal, its colour, shape, and the way it has 'grown'.

Topics pertaining to crystals include Uses, treatments, prescriptions, and care. Information on these topics is available through Anah's free-to-use resources.

Psychic Development

Psychic development is an overarching description of developing a person’s intuitive gifts and divine connection. Development includes building the ‘clairs’ and extrasensory perception, the ability to see auras and to act as an intermediary for spirit and guides. Anah has taught psychic development (and healing) for approximately 20 years.

Anah does not provide free mentoring because there is a karmic responsibility in and around using gifts. Instead, you can contact Anah directly for mentoring and support by booking a consultation through the services page.

Angels and Guides

Angels and Guides are often referred to as 'Light Beings'. They are not the same. Angels are described as having a very tall winged aura (which is why artists are said to portray them with birds feathered wings, whereas guides auras are said to be smaller and egg-shaped like a human aura because they are part of 'humanity', but have entered a new phase of soul evolution where they act as 'guides' to those people living a physical existence. The angels and guides work together for the greater good of humanity. Each person has a guardian angel delegated to them at the soul creation with them for eternity. As above – So below. There is an angelic hierarchy, and people may have multiple guides across their life path. Each Guide is allocated to a person as part of supporting a specific area of development as agreed in the 'Divine Plan'. You can learn more about Angels and Guides by accessing the free-to-use resources provided by Anah.

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